Personal Training Service at Hampton VIC 3188

VIP home personal training offers lady personal trainers and health coaching to our clients at Hampton VIC 3188. The personalized service we provide will help you save time and energy.

We come to you! Personal training with VIP is all about fitting in with your schedule at the location that suits you; whether you want to train at home, at the gym, indoor, outdoor, morning, or in the evening.

VIP Home Personal Training provides mobile personal trainers at Hampton VIC 3188 to come and train you in the comfort of your own home.

For more information or if you want to book a consultation, please use the contact form below or  call us directly on:

04 01 862 632  Thanks.

Introduction of  VipHome Personal Trainers At Hampton VIC 3188

Lady personal trainer in Dubai

Personal trainer at home in Hampton VIC 3188 for everyone, at any age. It doesn’t matter whether you have exercised before or not: we are here to start training you, step by step until you reach your fitness and health goals.

We offer different levels of training programs, depending on your fitness level and your specific goals.

We have targeted programs for weight loss in different areas of your body; increasing your fitness level and strength, dramatically improving muscle tone (overall or in targeted areas of your body), and many more fitness programs.

Personal Trainer at Home at Hampton VIC 3188

How can a personal trainer help me to reach my goals?

  • Personal training will improve your fitness to a much higher level and we will keep you motivated
  • It will help you to lose weight and burn fat from different parts of your body
  • It will lift up the loose muscles in different parts of your body
  • It will make your muscles more toned and tighter
  • Together we can focus on whatever muscle group/body area you want to work more on
  • We will teach you to improve your workout technique so that you are getting the maximum out of each movement
  • It will help you to remove all the cellulite around your legs and your body in a few week’s time
  • Regular exercise has enormous health benefits and is important in treating many common illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and asthma to name a few.
  • We will help you to reach your goal and help you to look and feel amazing and feel more comfortable within yourself

What do we need from you in order to get great results and achieve your goal?

We need you to commit to keep going with the fitness program and to follow the advice of our personal trainer. It may not be easy at first… but stick with it and the results will be well worth your effort! You will also start to look forward to your training sessions, as our other clients have.

Body composition analysis

body_compositionDear client: The body composition analysis test is for free including your session. We conduct the test when we meet you for the first time. The body composition analysis test is a physical test that measures the proportion of the various components of a person’s body. The human body is comprised of water, protein, fat, and minerals — but for most purposes, it is the level of fat compared to lean mass that is of interest. In general, most body composition analysis tests measure the ratio of fat to lean tissue.

Bodybuilding program

Home personal trainer Dubai

We provide a bespoke, professional bodybuilding program upon request. We can develop the size and shape of your muscles –and train you to develop a definition and the “cut” look. We will work with you to perfect your technique by lifting and pushing weights in order to achieve maximum results. We can also we can recommend which supplements you can use to get faster results

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