Certified Personal Trainers in exercise therapy. At Hampton VIC 3188

Exercise is an important aspect of rehabilitation from injury, surgery, chronic illness or if you want to improve poor physical condition. It is important to us to help improve your quality of life by making you stronger, healthier and able to live life to the full. This belief underpins all that we do at VIP HOME PERSONAL TRAINING.

VIP HOME PERSONAL TRAINING provides private personal trainers at Hampton street vic 3188, for mobile exercise therapists and specialists in clinical Pilates .Also injury rehabilitation therapists that come to your home and provide you with the necessary treatment in your own comfort.

For more information or if you want to book an assessment, please call Khemiri on the number below or email us.

Hampton vic 3188 04 01 862 632

Our physiotherapists, conditioning coaches and sports therapists can design and supervise a physical rehabilitation program specific to your needs. The graded and functional exercise program is suitable for patients with sports/work injury or chronic disease who require direction in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The personal trainer will design the program that will encourage patients to return to long-term physical activity and exercise, whilst complementing healing and improving musculoskeletal conditioning. We aim to reduce the potential risks of injury particularly for those patients with chronic and complex conditions.

The personal trainers will carefully supervise and monitored the program in either individual or group sessions to ensure that exercises are undertaken correctly and exercise goals are achieved.

Who does it suit?

The program is suitable for any person with an injury or wishing to improve their general health. It is very beneficial for people rehabilitating from an injury, surgery, chronic illness or if you just have a poor physical condition.